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Supreme Garnet

Globally, Almandine Garnet grains are the most used in natural blasting and cutting system. Being the heaviest and most resilient garnet, it can stand higher cutting speeds and maintain low dust levels. Its intrinsic physical and chemical homogeny assures superior functioning. Today, Garnet is being replaced over other blasting media due to its salient features like environment friendliness, repeatability, safety and cost effectiveness.

upreme Garnet offers diverse products to suit a variety of applications and site requirements ranging from macro grit to micro grit. The range extends from coarse grains to fine micro grits in standard grades. An abrasive is rated best by various factors. There are the physical factors like hardness, toughness, specifications, weight, grain size and shape. And then, there are factors that influence its performance like air pressure, nozzle size, impingement angle, the nature of the impurities on the surface to be cleaned and other factors. 

At Imc, we keep pace with the latest technological advancements in the industry. Our team of quality engineers carry out stringent quality control tests at every stage of abrasive manufacturing. Only the finest natural resources go into the making of upreme Garnet. They are then exported only when the quality levels conform to the customer requirements and meets universal standards. This has helped us maintain a zero-rejection track record till date.

Special Grades: 
At Imc, we believe that the customer is king and we pride ourselves in adapting our products to meet specific customer requirements. Other than upreme Garnet standard grades, we also produce special grades to cater to customer's specific needs. When selecting the right abrasive for your requirements, our team of experts will be on hand to offer the best solutions to suit your needs. 

Gradewise Distribution: 

  12 14 18 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 100 120 140
A+ 01.17 11.58 74.21 08.36 04.68                
  00.12 19.58 46.88 33.10 00.32              
  00.17 31.25 60.68 07.90            
  01.20 28.50 53.20 14.60 01.70 00.80      
  0.00 35.00 50.00 15.00      
  00.28 15.46 75.12 08.38 00.76

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