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Specifications: Material Safety Data Sheet

• Supreme Garnet Technical Data Sheet [ printable version ]  |  •  Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) [ printable version ]

 Section I: Company & Product Information
 Company  :  Industrial Mineral Co.,      
 Address  :  Post Box No.6, Muthiahpuram, Tuticorin 628 005 India.  Phone   : 0091 461 2357221 / 2357222
 E-mail :  Fax  0091 461 2357223
 Product  :  upreme Garnet  Description  A natural Mineral from the Almandine Garnet Family
Substance  :  Nil   Respirable dust Nil
 Crystalline Silica  :  Nil  Nuisance dust Nil
  Section II: Physical & Chemical Characteristics
 Melting Point : 1315ēC   Specific Gravity : 4.1  Solubility in Water : Insoluble
 Appearance : Deep Red, Reddish Brown  Odor : No Odor      

 Section III: Fire and Explosion Hazard Data

 Flash Point : Non-flammable Solid Extinguishing Media : Use appropriate for the Surrounding fire
 Fire Fighting Procedures : Should be protected from Nuisance dust Unusual fire and explosion hazards : None 
 Section IV: Reactivity Data
 Handling  No special handling in normal use Incompatibility None known
 Hazardous decomposition  or By products None known Hazardous Polymerization None known
 Conditions to avoid None known      
 Section V: Health Hazard Data

 Route(s) of Entry

• Inhalation: Possible • Skin: None • Ingestion: None
 Health Hazards (acute and chronic): None known. Use care to limit possible exposure to Nuisance dust during blast cleaning.
 Signs and Symptoms of Exposure: Exposure to nuisance dust may cause eye, throat or Lung irritation, coughing, or shortness to breath.
 Medical conditions generally aggravated by exposure: Chronic bronchitis, emphysema & other lung diseases may be aggravated by exposure to nuisance dust.
 Emergency and first aid procedures:
 • Eye Contact : Wash eyes with water to flush out dust particles
 • Skin Contact : Wash affected area with soap and water. 
 Section VI: Precautions for Safe Handling and Use
 Steps to be taken in case material is released or spilled: No Special Precautions needed.
 Sweep or Vacuum material for disposal prevent generation of dust during clean up.
 Waste disposal methods: Follow local, state and Federal guidelines for disposal. Material contaminated in use may require special handling
 Precautions to be taken in handling and storing: None
 Use good housekeeping practices to reduce dust. Use approved hand eye and respiratory protection when handling material.
 Other Precautions: Use material only for the purposes intended, and incorporate methods of dust control to maintain airborne dust within statutory limits.
 Section VII: Control Measures
 Respiratory Protection (specify type) NIOSH / MSHA approved filters and air supplied hoods for blasters. Ventilation   :  Yes
 Local exhaust: Use when blast cleaning Mechanical (General): Meet dust TLV Special   :  None
 Protection gloves: Leather or equivalent in use Eye protection : Safety glasses with side shields Other   :  None
 Section VIII: Other Protective Clothing or Equipment

 Hearing protection when working near blast Cleaning operation.

 Work / hygienic practices: Maintain a clean, safe work environment & monitor work practices

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