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upreme Garnet offers a multitude of benefits that include:-

High Profile Vs consumption: upreme Garnet's closed, screened sizing gives high profile with less consumption. This is due to the hard, uniform shape & heavy abrasive grains. Hence it saves time when blasting the material, and ensures superior area coverage.

Cost Effectiveness: upreme Garnet is relatively far more economical than synthetic abrasives of comparable hardness. The long lifespan, high productivity, recycling capabilities and less wear and tear ... all contribute to immense cost savings. 

Recycling: upreme Garnet can be recycled over six times without loss in performance. Thereby, adding to efficient waste management, cost savings and environment protection. 

Environment Friendliness: Being a 100% natural mineral, upreme Garnet is non-toxic and does not release any harmful pollutants. There are no water-soluble constituents that contaminate water sources. It does not absorb water either and is dust-free.  

Human Safety: upreme Garnet is natural abrasive, non-toxic and contains less than 0.1% "free silica". The absence of silica eliminates silicosis hazard. There are no leachable heavy metals or radioactive contaminants that bring harm to human life. 

Low Dust: Properly cleaned, fine abrasive grains are low on emissions during the blasting process thereby minimizing danger and improving the safety of the operator. Its extremely tough crystalline structure ensures very low particle breakdown upon impact. Thus, visibility is enhanced during the blasting process.